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How AI Powered Automations Can Boost Singapore's Construction Industry?

We have moved in an era where we are completely dependent on technology, from travelling to staying at home, we use a lot of technology gadgets that are making our life so much easier.

Construction is one of the oldest professions ever. Construction needs a lot of planning, strategies, designing and yes, consistency. Without technology, everything had to be done by hands i.e., from mixing cement to making bricks, everything was totally man made. But as we have moved in a modern era, we are very much dependent on technology that is saving our time and energy.

Technology has its own advantages in every field and thus, it has become a boon for Singapore’s construction industry. Artificial Intelligence powered automations has made a lot of tasks simpler and helped businesses to reduce the workforce and thus, providing work to finish within a limited period of time.

Main problems in Singapore’s construction industry are:

These are some of the factors that questions Singapore’s Construction industry and also a way to let them know the importance of Artificial Intelligence Automation. When we see Singapore’s Construction Industry without the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) we can figure out the increasing rate of injuries happening at construction sites due to lack of safety measurements. Most of the Asian Construction Industries hire bulk of labour at cheap prices and they work for many hours on continuous basis that lead to a lot of fatalities on a daily basis. A large number of laborers work in Singapore’s Construction site and that too handles most of the risky work because they are needy and they don’t have any other option.

Is it fine to put your life at risk just for the sake of money?

Necessity is the mother of invention. Whenever we find a pain point, we get to know that technology can do wonders here and the same applies here too. Amidst Covid-19, if bulk of laborers work at one site, then it will definitely lead to transmission of the virus that will result in the increasing number of Covid cases in Singapore.

What shall we do for the betterment of these migrant laborer’s lives?

Within these five to ten years, we can see a drastic change where industries have learned to adapt the changes for their sector’s growth. AI has already succeeded in showing the results and saving lives when needed. AI has the ability to take care of these migrant labour by keeping a secure eye on construction sites and if there is any mishap about to happen, It will beep an alarm. AI has the ability to not just trigger the person to alert but also, it gives a beep to those who forget or avoid wearing safety kit. Besides, AI helps to schedule tasks to avoid any further delays as a single delay can affect the whole calendar.

It may be possible for small scale industries to handle the work and make it compulsory for all laborers to wear safety kits before leaving to the site but it can take multiple hours for large scale industries. Avoiding these technologies can lead a business to suffer heavy loss and avoidance in the sector.

viAct’s AI enabled tools to make construction monitoring automated are being widely used in Hong Kong and it is suggested by experts to adapt these technological advancements and automations not only for the safety of their workers but also for the growth of the construction industry.

viAct invites dignitaries from Singapore’s construction industry to avail the FREE demo to know more!

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